Adam Katz Sinding. Photo credit Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Most of the year he is traveling the world and documenting the global fashion scene, but in between jobs he is exploring each city running and calls himself a speed tourist.


- Adam Katz Sinding
- Photographer
- Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark
- IG handle @AKS @adamkatzsinding
- Cover picture credit to Jonathan Daniel Pryce @garconjon


When did you start running for the first time and how was your experience?

"I was on the Cross Country team at my high school in Tacoma, WA. I was the slowest guy on the whole team and I absolutely hated running. I dit it to loose weight as I was kinda chunky.  When I started at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA I would go to the gym and I would run there. It was 2K and all downhill. Then I would lift weights and walk home as I had no desire to run up hill all the way home. In 2009/2010 i started running again once I moved to Capitol Hill in Seattle, but I did not quite click with it. A girl I worked with told me if I ran 6 days in a row, that I would have a nice rolling endorphin high, so I tried it, and subsequently ran the same 10K loop 365 days in a row. After my 365th day I moved to NYC and landed to find 2M of snow on the ground and -15 degrees temperature. I stopped running, gained a ton of weight and felt horrible. I would commute to work in NYC on my bicycle, but it was so treacherous that I decided to commute to work by run, which was about 5K each way. That routine got me into my current routine."

How does running affect your life?

"Running is catharsis. I run to clear my mind. I make a point to run in every city I visit as I dont have time to be a tourist when I travel, so I use running as "speed tourism" to see as much of a city as possible with a limited amount of time. Running lists my mood and overall just makes life better"


What is your favorite running pass?

"I only run, I do not train. I just go out and run. Never do intervals, never do speed work. Just run."


Which person on Instagram inspires you?

"My friend Patrick Stangbye if we are talking about runners. Other accounts like NBRO @nbrorunning, Distance Paris @distanceathletics, Anders Rømer @andersroemer, Julie Hyld @hyld etc. To be honest I check cycling accounts much more however."


Do you prefer to run alone or do social runs and why?

"I like to run alone as I like to run at night and most of my peers run in the morning. That being said, I like the accountability that group runs bring. It forces me out the door on days where I would probably make an excuse not to run. The best thing about the group I run with is they start on Sønder Blvd and I live at Skt. Hans Torv, so a 10K run with them turns out to be 16K run for me just to get to/from the meeting point. "


Do you listen to music while running? And if you do, can you recommend a favorite track?

"No sir. I listening to my breathing. We are addicted to noise. Running is meant to be for clarity, and blasting LCD Soundsystem, as appealing as that sounds, detracts from the mental aspect that movement gives me."


If you could go for a morning run with anyone in the world, who would it be?

"Shit... do they have to be a runner? If it has to be a runner, probably..  Jerome Jacques Marie Mage. We ran together in Florence and he destroyed me. But he has a house Wyoming and I assume that would be there we would run. I have never been to Wyoming and his Instagram stories from his run look like heaven on Earth. If it was not a runner... but just anyone... Barack Obama. I feel like that is about the pinnacle of modern humans and as I think running connects people, I feel that it would be a very nice way to have a human experience with someone who otherwise seems superhuman."