Two passionated runners -
one mission

Craft beer brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsoe of Evil Twin Brewing is no stranger to collaborations. This time Jeppe teamed up with Danish designer and competitive runner, John Hansen, owner of DOXA, to create a limited edition "DOXA x Team Evil Twin NYC" running singlet.

Both Jeppe and John are passionated runners, who started out running back in the late 80's and early 90's. 

The goal is to raise awareness about how running can bring people closer together culturally and across continents. 

Read more about Evil Twin Brewing here.

DOXA run are supporting students from The Kenswed Academy with running kits each season.

The Kenswed Academy is located outside of Nairobi in Kenya.

Team EVIL TWIN singlet

The running singlet has an Evil Twin-esque abstract design in earthy green, brown and black colors. The fabric is an Italian lightweight mesh fabric, recycled and transformed from old PET plastic bottles. The singlet is for elite runners, passionate beer drinkers and everyone in between.

The limited edition of only 100 pieces "Team Evil Twin" unisex singlets will only be sold online at and

You can purchase your personal team EVIL TWIN singlet here at and we are offering sizes from x-small to x-large.

Price is 400dkr in Denmark, €55 in Europe and 65$ for the rest of the world. Remember - we are shipping worldwide! 

Find your limited "Team Evil Twin" singlet here.

Join the team and give to others in need

All proceeds from the sales will go to the "Kenswed Academy" - a school outside Nairobi, Kenya, for the vulnerable youth in the area that for economic or social reasons can't attend school. The Kenswed Academy empowers the children to employment and gives them the opportunity to develop their talents.

Right now the school urgently needs uniforms and school supplies for 2021 school start and DOXA and Evil Twin Brewing want the money specifically to support that.

Learn more about the Kenswed Academy here

Thanks to photographer - Niki V. Wacherhausen and runner Anders Rømer.

DOXA run is supporting running talents from The Kenswed Academy with running apparel each season.

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