Journal powered by DOXA Run. Interview with Daniel Lindström, fashion director Café Magazine.

He travels for all the Fashion Weeks and are always placed front row, but no traveling without running. We met with a good friend and a regular guest of our bi-annual fashion runs in Copenhagen - fashion director at Café Magazine Daniel Lindström.


- Daniel Lindström
- Stockholm, Sweden
- Fashion Director Café Magazine
- IG handle @daniellindstrom


When did you touch running for the first time and how was your experience?

"I started to run regularly 15 years ago when I was 30. The main reason was to keep fit and increase weight. After a while, when I could run 10 kilometers, I discovered the psychological benefits."


How do you prefer your running sessions and have you tried out any of these running crews?

"I prefer to run with a small crew of 4-5 people, so you can talk to everyone. In Stockholm where I live I have many different groups of running friends. It is great when you travel and know people in different cities that run. I go a lot to Paris, London, Milan, Copenhagen, Berlin, NYC and I have running friends everywhere."


How does running affect your life?

"I would say it is the most important thing in my life besides my kids, work and family. It affects me in the positive way every day. I sleep well, think clear, I am happy and healthy."


Many runners have had the opportunity to experience a state of euphoria while running, also called Runners High. Have you tried it and how did you achieved this feeling?

"Yes, when I ran the last 2-3 kilometers in Central Park during NYC Marathon. I was tired of course, but I could speed up because the crowd along the course was amazing. A great experience."


If you could go for a morning run with anyone in the world, who would it be?

"Eliud Kipchoge, I would ask him so many questions."


Road vs. Trail?

"For the moment I prefer trail because I love going out in the nature and find soft tracks."


Do you listen to music while running? And if you do, can you recommend a favorite track?

"This summer I have been listening to Fabio & Grooverider: 30 years of Rage. It is hardcore drum&bass and techno. The kind of music that was played in the clubs in Stockholm in the mid nineties."


What do you think of when thinking of METAL HEALTH CLUB?